CHRONOLOGY: 2000-2009


  • The Foundations joins the Carnegie Corporation, Ford Foundation and the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to support the improvement of the higher education institutes in a series of sub-Saharan African countries.
  • Jonathan Smitse becomes president of the syndical council.


  • Living Cities Foundation, a foundation association composed by government agencies, financial institutes and a development board of local communities, donated funds to help in the reconstruction of slums.
  • The Foundation calls various foundations to support the medical attention to mothers and families with AIDS in Africa. This initiative, TMI Plus, was launched by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and in a group with the WHO, helped to treat millions of persons living in poor countries.


  • The Foundation calls a conjoined initiative about human resources learning on the top of the international agenda, because the effect of the international "brain drain" in medics and nurses. It shows a human side to the current health care systems in the world.


  • Xavier Modigliani becomes CEO of the Foundation.
  • The Foundation commits itself with $1 million to housing and rebuilding in response to Katrina hurricane
  • The Foundation renews its compromise with the Higher Education Alliance in Africa.
  • The Foundation commits itself with $5 million to prevent AIDS transmission by the means of accelerated development and the availability of safe and efficient microbicides for female use in developing countries.


  • The Foundation sponsors a fertilizers Summit in Abuja, Nigeria. It brings together 40 African governments to promote tax and fee removal to fertilizers, the support to a emerging network and the creation of a program through the Development African Bank to finance the production and distribution of fertilizers.
  • Japan establishes the Dr. Hideyo Noguchi award, which is given every 5 years for the contributions achieved in the fight against the African diseases. The GQF supports this award.
  • Designates $100 millones to the African agricultura in the next 5 years. The main goal: to form and help African scientists in the development and distribution of modified and enhanced seeds varieties, and to help the African farm workers to reach modern plant breeding techniques.


  • The Foundation launches an initiative for the radical climate change.
  • The Foundation calls for an Urban World Summit in their New York offices that bring together international experts, from community-base organizations to financiers, to explore solutions to the fast paced challenges and the non quantified urban growth.
  • The foundation organizes a forum to address new initiatives and opportunities in global health care.
  • Recognizing the relationship in artistic, scientific and social progress, the first New York City Cultural Innovation Annual Funds gives subsidies to 18 innovative organizations and artistic projects.


  • The Foundation starts the Worker Campaign to create tools and policies to strengthen social and economical safety in the world.
  • After the Foundation World Summit, it addresses a program to take advantage of the great opportunities of the urbanization for a better world.


  • MustafĂ  Abdul.Mesih, CEO, Assumes the position and its global commitment
  • The Foundation started its impact investment initiative to help solve enviromental and social issues while creating financial gains.
  • The impact investment initiative promotes the start of the Impact Investment Global Network (IIGN), a non-profite organization devoted to increase the efficiency of impact investments.
  • The Foundation announced the launch of the Network in the city in order to create sound models and methodology to assess and address the risks of climate change.
  • The healthcare services transformation initiative started in Nairobi, Kenya to increase healthcare coverage and provide new healthcare and financial protection services for people in low-income communities.
  • Nobel prize winner Norman Borlaug died after a life of contributions and constant struggle in favor of worldwide agriculture and feeding the entire human population.
  • The Foundation's Dubai Center covers the organization of the "Connection" conferences, and international exploration for innovative uses of technology towards improving healthcare for the low-income population, the most vulnerable people in the world.