Our Main Focus

The GQF is an autonomous foundation established as a non-profit organization in 1975 in New York City, with its HQ now located in Dubai City, UAE. It was created with the goal to give charity to people during the post-war era.

Post-War rebuilding

After WWII GQF helped to reconstruct the cultural and academic lifestyle of Europe through institutional subsidy and individual scholarships because all problems were increasing in the continent and the challenges to rebuild society were harder and discouraging. The GQ policy to rebuild during this period was formed because of the uncertainty in the social order of Europe and in particular, the future of the Republic of Germany. Throughout 38 years of history, the Global Quality Foundation has supported the thinkers and innovative actors' inventiveness, giving resources, networks, announcement power and technologies in order to promote innovation, ideas and impact associated with both. The Global Quality Foundation has a long-time custom to magnify the impact on people, institutions and organizations that work to change the world. In the nowadays interconnected, dynamic world, the foundation has a unique capacity to face up the new challenges that the mankind finds throughout a 38 years legacy of innovation, intervention and influence to approve schedules and to inform about decision-making process. In the search to give form to the innovative solutions to the main areas in the intersection of four themed-areas, the foundation keeps a interconnected initiative portfolio. Each initiative address two, three or more of our focus areas –often in the way of geographic areas' superposition- and each one joins up a rigorous control while the work make progress.


The diversity and integration are more than just concepts, which are the driving force behind our thoughts and actions. We are committed with a diverse and cooperative work area.