Global Quality Foundation: 38 YEARS OF PHYLANTROPY

Mexican war hero, air force
expeditionary squadron 201,
Captain Manuel founder of the
Global Quality Foundation, 1975

Philanthropy as humanity's priority
Philanthropy as humanity's
brotherhood and the transforming
power of philanthropy

Philanthropy as a life-long path

The idea to recognize and award all those who transform history, from entrepreneurs and people doing important jobs in favor of humanity, is a notion that follows the GQF guidelines and statutes. This concept gave way to the decision to create a branch that recognizes this praiseworthy work and honor its founder, who opened his office in Mexico City, in order to reward those who represent these values in the world stage.

The concept of quality must go beyond its simple relationship with products. Service quality, communication processes, customer care, and even the entertainment and information industries must follow quality models as part of our societal development and evolution.

The complex global environment and its competitiveness show companies, organizations, and people the higher standards to follow during their everyday performance. This way, the GQF awards and publicly recognizes institutions, companies, and people who set a good example of quality and excellence in their products, services, and activities, linking them to a global network that allows them to grow and develop in international markets.

Captain Manuel, Global Quality Foundation Founder

our mission 

The Global Quality Foundation was established in order to promote mankind's welfare around the world. We search to achieve our vision focused to satisfy four main and equally important goals: revalue ecosystems, progress in healthcare, transform cities and get a safe lifestyle.

Our essential

In the Global Quality Foundation, we embrace a group of essential values to guide our work and promote the mankind's welfare around the world.


The foundation's government practices are described in a group of files. Among them can be found The Investment Guideline Social Charter and the Behavior Codes and Statutes, all of which are approved by the Syndical Council.